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₹10-11 Lakhs​

Area Req.
1500 Sqft.


Best Preschool Franchise in India

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Here is an opportunity we are providing the best preschool franchise in India, Get the IKidz franchise and become an Edu-preneur we seamlessly blend AR technology with education, IKidz is India’s “First Tech- Enabled Preschool”

Preschool franchise in India presents a lucrative opportunity for financial success and personal fulfillment. With a low initial investment and high potential for returns, IKidz offers a promising pathway to entrepreneurship and financial independence.

Key Features :

  • Upto 140% ROI
  • 0% Royalty
  • Furniture & Equipment’s
  • Infrastructure Blueprint
  • Complete Marketing Support
  • AR Based Curriculum
  • Lifetime Agreement

Augmented Reality

Ikidz is India’s first and only preschool to incorporate Augmented Reality into Preschool with our own in house developed app Ikidz gives learning a new meaning.
This creates a 100% digital world of Augmented Reality that uses sight, sound, and adds a digital layer to our real-world experiences. The Ikidz Augmented reality program gives our schools an edge over the Entire Indian market!
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Augmented Reality

What makes Ikidz Different?

Lowest Investment in the Industry

Augmented Reality Technology

Complete Marketing Support

Recruitment and Regular Training of staff

Complete assistance in establishing the school

Support on operational issues

80-160% higher return than any other preschool in the market

Complete support from establishment to marketing

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Profitable Preschool Franchise

With IKidz, you will get

Investing in best preschool franchise models has always been a part of growth for the Investors.

The investment in preschool education has been steadily on the rise in recent years since, the importance of Preschool education after COVID has been widely known throughout.

Ikidz App

App Based Mangement
Key Features


The Curriculum developed by Ikidz is of purely international standard and is supported by Dr schuss and his books.
It is a unique blend of traditional play way methods and modern technology ,the curriculum is very different from other counterparts and will shape the personality of the child in terms of values, skills, analytical knowledge, and visual perception with interactive tools. It will focus on holistic development through activities facilitating cognitive emotional, social and physical development.
It will focus on hands-on experience for children along with field trips, special days, culminating activities and learning through exploration.
Our entire curriculum is Theme based. Each Theme for the month takes care of Language,Number,Social- emotional, Creative and cognitive (Concepts) skill.

Our Focus Areas

Numeracy skills

Service Awareness

Social Awareness

General Knowdledge Skills

Emotional and Behavioural Skills


Children Nurtured

Awards & Recognitions

IKidz awards
IKidz awards
IKidz awards
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10-11 lakh


Support on

Hiring & Operational Issues


Support on



Regular Training of




Most frequent questions and answers

We understand that the world of preschool franchising might be new to you. To help you navigate the ins and outs of running an IKidz Pre-School franchise, we offer formal induction and training. We have compiled a detailed ‘Standard Operating Procedures’ manual that covers various operational aspects, including handling inquiries, managing fees, academic processes, safety protocols, accounting procedures, staff training, transportation, and more. Furthermore, our dedicated operations support team is just a phone call away to assist you with any operational needs.

Imagine stepping into a world where preschool franchise aren’t just about ABCs and 123s but a captivating journey into the realm of technology and innovation. That’s where IKidz Preschool stands tall, painting a vibrant picture of learning that’s both fun and futuristic.

With over 80+ centers sprinkled across India and a proud presence in Nepal, IKidz isn’t just another preschool franchise—it’s a trailblazer, pioneering India’s first-ever tech-enabled preschool experience. 

What sets us apart? 

Picture this: augmented reality transforming classrooms into captivating 3D landscapes, where learning leaps off the pages and into the hands of eager young minds. But that’s just the beginning. Our commitment to innovation extends beyond the classroom walls. 

  • Live CCTV streaming ensures parents are just a click away from witnessing their child’s magical moments. 
  • RFID-enabled attendance tracking ensures safety and security, while our super app simplifies communication and engagement between teachers, parents, and administrators.

Say goodbye to the days of paper diaries and manual attendance — IKidz brings preschool management into the digital age with seamless fee automation and transport tracking, empowering franchisees to focus on what truly matters: nurturing young hearts and minds.

And here’s the cherry on top: no royalty fees, no renewal hassles. At IKidz, we believe in empowering our franchisees every step of the way. From comprehensive training in curriculum, operations, and marketing to lifetime support in hiring, services, and graphics—We have covered various things for you

Launching your dream preschool? With IKidz, it’s not just a goal—it’s a reality in 30-45 business days. From initial setup to grand opening, we’re by your side, turning your vision into a thriving reality. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the industry, IKidz promises to be your guiding light, illuminating the path to preschool success like never before.

Our team of representatives is present and ready to guide you in choosing optimal locations for setting up your IKidz Preschool franchise. Drawing from their extensive experience, they provide valuable insights to help you make an informed decision about the right location for your venture.

From the initial meeting to location selection, agreement signing, documentation, and infrastructure setup, the process can take up to approximately 60 days to get your iKidz Preschool up and running.

The staffing needs for your IKidz Preschool depend on the number of enrolled students. Following our recommended adult-to-child ratio of 1:6, if you have 42 students, you would require 4 teachers, 2 maids, 1 center head, and 1 security personnel.

Embark on your own preschool franchise journey with IKidz and establish a foundation for interactive curriculum and early childhood education excellence.

Choose IKidz, the leading authority in early childhood education, as your partner for the best play school franchise opportunity in India. Elevate the standards of childcare and early education for our youngest learners.

Realize your aspirations of operating a successful PreSchool Franchise with IKidz, leveraging a proven business model that has enriched the lives of over 300,000 children. With a presence in 350+ locations, we are experts in childcare education.

Experience our holistic curriculum that integrates academics and extracurricular activities at iKidz. Through our interactive syllabus, we offer both Kindergarten and Eunoia curricula, nurturing cognitive skills through comprehensive concepts. Take the step to establish your own preschool with iKidz today!

The iKidz program resonates with parents who seek a nurturing environment that mirrors a home setting, where their child receives attentive care, encouragement, and support. Our preschool program is thoughtfully crafted to provide a learning sanctuary for our young learners, ensuring their journey is both educational and stress-free.

Whether you aspire to lead with autonomy or have a strong determination to succeed, iKidz presents you with the perfect franchise opportunity. Our tried-and-true business strategies call for your genuine dedication. For children in India who are in pursuit of early educational opportunities, iKidz stands as an ideal choice.

Through our comprehensive franchise support program, Edge 360, iKidz offers a diverse range of resources. From school design and furniture to teaching curricula, operational procedures, student admissions guidance, teacher training, localized marketing assistance, and various other initiatives, we’re dedicated to aiding franchisees in establishing and sustaining their businesses. Our curriculum extends beyond academics, prioritizing social and emotional development. Our preschool franchise program is meticulously designed to encourage exploration and discovery, enabling active and enthusiastic children to enhance and refine their skills. Our dedicated educators ensure that our preschoolers engage in meaningful and joyful learning experiences, effectively preparing them for both school and life. This is accomplished through purposeful teaching methods, thoughtfully designed learning environments, and enriching activities.

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