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The Curriculum developed by Ikidz is of purely international standard and is supported by Dr schuss and his books.
It is a unique blend of traditional play way methods and modern technology ,the curriculum is very different from other counterparts and will shape the personality of the child in terms of values, skills, analytical knowledge, and visual perception with interactive tools. It will focus on holistic development through activities facilitating cognitive emotional, social and physical development.
It will focus on hands-on experience for children along with field trips, special days, culminating activities and learning through exploration.
Our entire curriculum is Theme based. Each Theme for the month takes care of Language,Number,Social- emotional, Creative and cognitive (Concepts) skill.

Our Focus Areas

Numeracy skills

Service Awareness

Social Awareness

General Knowdledge Skills

Emotional and Behavioural Skills


Our Features

Preschool in India

Augmented Reality

India‛s first and only preschool to incorporate Augmented Reality into Preschool with our own in house developed app, Ikidz gives learning a new meaning.This includes Fun learning modules which help children learn Letters, Numbers, Shapes, No. Of seasons and many more. All this through a new way which no other preschool in India can do.All Ikidz schools are equipped with Augmented reality enabled Flash Cards and Tablets.
The Ikidz Augmented reality program gives our schools an edge over the Entire Indian market!

Ikidz Mobile App

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Live CCTV Streaming

Live CCTV Streaming

Watch your child from anywhere having fun in the school

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Festivals & Celebrations

Every 10 days an activity is conducted according to our curriculum for better understanding of the child



A magical realm where kids build, dig, create, and explore, fostering creativity, friendship, and endless adventures.

Awards & Recognitions

IKidz awards
IKidz awards
IKidz awards
ikidz preschool awards