Corporate Daycare

Corporate Day Care

Corporate Day Care

Set – up your Onsite Corporate Daycare Center at Zero Capital Expenditure ! To know more if you qualify under this scheme, send in your details and we will get back to you


As experts in child care, we at IKIDZ understand that leaving children at home while being away at work can be quite stressful.
A child’s early years are the foundation for his or her future development, providing a strong base for lifelong learning and learning abilities, including cognitive and social development
An exclusive daycare facility in your workplace vicinity, to help you focus better on work and also be close to your toddlers

Key Benefits to Employers

  • Workplace day care can improve employee morale and lower absenteeism.
  • It results in lower turnover as fewer employees need to take time off to look after their children
  • The above inherently leads lower company costs.
  • Another big savings is realized in bringing new mothers back to work sooner, allowing companies to save in hiring and training replacements.

Key Benefits to Employees

  • Allows them to spend more time with their children during the workday.
  • On-site programs allow employees to spend lunch and breaks with their children or for new mothers to pop in and breastfeed.
  • Parents travel to and from work with their children, increasing the amount of time they spend together.
  • Workplace day care decreases anxiety of parents, improving their ability to concentrate on their jobs with increased longevity.

Key Features

  • Mobile App based Management
  • Augmented Reality
  • IGYM
  • Biometric
  • Baby proofing
  • Friendly ambience
  • Trained staff
  • Meals on demand

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