Pre-school is a child’s first learning station, we intend to make it an effective one. IKidz presents a developmentally appropriate curriculum that takes into account potentialities of children at each stage. The curriculum has been developed in the most integrated manner. The design of the curriculum is such that it facilitates the process of “Learning by Doing” and helps the children to explore & apply newly learned skills independently.

Apart from the traditional approach of learning through pictures, fairy tales, rhymes, beads clay, puzzles, blocks & flash cards, we also use modern techniques of learning like drama, role-plays, projects, puppet & magic shows.
Each child has his unique style of acquiring information that is based on his/her sensory preferences. Therefore, a multi-sensory approach has been adopted while formulating the curriculum. One of the distinctive feature of the curriculum is that it has been administered effectively amongst specific age group of children. Moreover, the curriculum has been constantly subjected to research development, analysis, modification and enrichment.

Celebration of various festivals, sports day, annual day, friendship day, environment day, Grand-parents day, Children’s day, Story-telling sessions, etc are the regular features of our curriculum. These activities help in all round development of the child.

Our integrated curriculum supports the idea of positive reinforcement, a behavior management technique that emphasizes rewarding or recognizing good behavior instead of punishing bad behavior.

To sum it up, our curriculum takes care of Academics as well as other major developments like fine motor skills, practical & life skills, social & emotional skills, listening & speaking skills, etc. Last but not the least, our curriculum helps the child to achieve its “true genetic potential” or “full self-realization”.

Ikidz Preschool